Monday, 9 February 2015

Euphoric Missive...

No new painted stuff to show you this time round although there are a couple of minis on the go at the moment which will hopefully be ready by the weekend.

Instead I thought I would give a bit of a run down of the 'warbands' I'm planning for my Euphoria project/campaign/pipe dream.

First up we have Cap'n Smyrk's crew which is the most complete one currently. Ultimately this will include Smyrk and his 'command staff' of Sphinx, Squatty, Helmsman Pyke and his first mate 'Ace' Ryker (currently being painted). To back up this 'main cast' I plan to have at least three (possibly as many as five) 'extras', additional redshirts like Rizzo.

The second warband is the next nearest completion which is the Euphoria Arbites Precinct. Ultimately this will be a five to six man patrol team (led by Judge Diens, also currently on the painting table) with Psi-Judge Anjersen acting as back up.

Next on the list is Inquisitor Rastaban Tycho and his retinue. Currently this band stands at just Tycho himself (waiting on paint, once I decide what colours to use). The plan for this one is again to have two seperate sections, one of shadowy agents and the other of Tycho and his three Space Marine 'heavies'. The agents maneouvre the target into place and then Tycho and his muscle swoop in and take all the credit....

Fourth up is the Cult of Incandescent Astral Wyrm. Again this currently consists of one figure, the Emissary and nothing else. Haven't fully worked out what this will consist of yet but plans include a mutant space pirate and his minions as well as possibly more 'standard' cultists.

Finally I hope to produce a small entourage for Euphoria's governor, Regis Evangeline Margarette d'Sarck. This will include an Astropath, a ceremonial bodyguard (in Mk1 powered armour) and a shadowy lady-in-waiting/assassin. Eventually this may include some local security forces (directly under the governor's control unlike the Arbites) but I need to work out what minis I want to use for these (don't really want to use just ordinary guardsmen, looking for something a little more 'eccentric').

The Inquisitor's retinue and Governor's entourage will both probably include my first forays into non-citadel minis.

Anyway til next time when hopefully I'll have Ryker and Judge Diens ready for show.

Cap'n Smyrk

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  1. I really love all you are assembling here, tons of charm everywhere I look :)