Friday, 30 January 2015

No Laughing Matter...

Its amazing what having four days off work will do to your painting efforts, four minis in a week, a new record for me!

Won't last of course, back to the old slog again next week but it was nice whilst it lasted.

Anyway here's the Death Jester finished off, complete with diamond pattern trousers.

All the latest styles...

You can just about make out the red glow in the skull's eye socket...

So my second attempt at the diamonds came out to my satisfaction, its not particularly neat but luckily the fact that its on cloth rather than a flat surface disguises this to some extent.

Have got a number of options for what to do next, one of the Adventurers Astropaths and the old Arbite with Power Maul and Bolt Pistol. Or there are always some more Eldar...

Til next time...

Cap'n Smyrk

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Here Be (Fire) Dragons...

Finished off two more classic Eldar Fire Dragons to go with the one I painted last year.

Same scheme obviously and amazingly have come out looking reasonably similar despite the gap between painting. As with the first one these were bought already based and primed.

The one on the left with the green base is the one I had already painted.

View with the outer two showing off their fronts.
Having had most of this week off work I've also been painting quite of few things. Including this WIP Harlequin Death Jester. I don't show many WIPs but I was so happy with how the bone came out on this one I've decided to show him off.

Last Tango in Warp Space...

Got to paint a few gemstones on his Shuriken cannon and I want to try getting a typical Harlequin diamond pattern on his lower legs, my first attempt didn't succeed and has been painted over.

Finally I have a new addition to Smyrk's crew. I realised that it had plenty of characters but no real grunts to act as a bit of cannon-fodder. Given Smyrk's general Star Trek references there was only one answer.


And so I present the latest recruit, Ensign Rizzo.

His gun's colour scheme is based on the retro-raygun style phaser rifle used by Kirk in the episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
His uniform matches the style of Smyrk's just with a red shirt...

I intend to get four or five of these to back up Smyrk and give Sphinx someone to boss about, possibly including a heavy weapon. All of them will follow this same scheme and like Rizzo will get their names from unfortunate redshirts from Star Treks original series courtesy of this useful little list Redshirt Deaths.

That's all for now but I might right up some more character info for the members of Smyrk's crew.

Til next time...

Cap'n Smyrk

Sunday, 25 January 2015

From the back of cupboard they came...

So these are a couple of old school minis I've had for years, can't remember exactly when these were bought or indeed for what purpose given that I mostly played Epic at the time...

Anyway first up we have one of the original Slaanesh Keeper of Secrets variants.
For some reason this was never actually attached to its base, will have to sort that out...

It was originally painted by my brother so is better than most of my efforts from the same time...

Next we have a Jabberwock.
Displaying a particularly bright and chaotic color scheme...

and the hind end...
I also have three harpies, Bob Olley sculps I believe, again absolutely no idea why they were bought. The are however unassembled and unpainted so I didn't see much point in photographing them.

Anyway I've got a couple more Eldar Fire Dragons on the go to join the one I've already painted, oh and an original Death Jester undercoated so there should some more posts coming up soon.

Til next time.

Cap'n Smyrk

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Lurking in the Shadows...

With my continuing painting mojo I have finished yet another mini. Well I actually finished it earlier this week but have only just got around to taking some pictures.

Anyway this is one of the original Eldar Scouts (not Rangers...) currently nameless but could fit into the environs of Euphoria in a number of ways.

I'm quite pleased with how the gemstone on his belt has come out, one of my best yet.

Also quite happy with how the cloak came out.

I've wanted him to match up with the other Eldar I've previously painted and as such have gone for shadowy rather than camouflage since the colours fit better with those I've used on the others.

I've gone with a dark bluey-grey 'Drowesque' skin tone which I will be using on all my Eldar (at least those with exposed skin). This is mainly to make them more alien and differentiate them more from the humans.

Probably going to be more Eldar for the next few minis, partially because they're what I have most of and because I've run out of 'character' minis for Euphoria.

I'll probably do another post tomorrow showing some of the old school models I found lying around that I've had for years as I mentioned last time but never actually got around too...

Anyway til then.

Cap'n Smyrk

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Maximum Warp Mister Pyke...

So I've managed to start 2015 off pretty well I think with two models painted 10 days in. Both of these are purchases I made over the Christmas period and which I started splashing with paint almost as soon as I got them.

Both are intended to join Smyrk's crew and as such both have hazard stripes on them somewhere.

First up we have Smyrk's pilot; Helmsman Pyke. He is the Pilot Lorgar figure from the old Adventurers range.
His colour scheme is inspired by the X-wing pilots' gear in Star Wars.

Need to get a better pic...
Although intended to be part of Smyrk's crew he could also be used as general pilot character as needed.

Next is Smyrk's "chief of security" Sphinx. She's an old Citadel Judge Dredd Perp 'Spit Gun Suzie'.
Sphinx, doing her part for ethnic diversity in the 41st Millennium.

Always good to be sure what's supposed to go in your canteen...
Can't see it too well in my pics but I'm really quite happy with how her skin turned out, wasn't sure how to go about it but found a guide on 'ethnic' skin-tones on CMON. Not that I actually followed it exactly but it gave me a good starting point.

That's it for painting but I've got some classic models that I've had for years, some I don't really remember when I got them. So for a future post I'll dig those out.

Til next time.

Cap'n Smyrk