Monday, 25 May 2015

Onwards minions...

Belated greetings fellow Oldhammerers

It's been a while due to a mixture of travelling for work and indecision over what to do next. But I've painted up a couple of new minis over this last weekend. Although the crummy weather of late means these aren't the best photos but I'll see if I can get some better ones in the future.

Both of these are going to be part of Inquisitor Tycho's retinue, forming the less conspicuous element who go in first.

Really stary eyes... doesn't look as bad in person.

First is Ankyra Voth, who is a Reaper Chronoscope mini and thus the first non-citadel figure to make it into the project. She is one half of the Voth twins both of whom serve Tycho in various capacities. Her brother Tamerlane will be turning up at some point.

The Voths started out as a pair of Inquisitor characters I was working on some years ago, Tycho was originally a background character in their origin story.

Joining Voth is Adar Cornwallis who I haven't fully fleshed out the background for yet. He is more recent addition mostly just because I came across the Cornelius model going pretty cheap on ebay...

I decided to go for a fairly sedate colour scheme for him, he is supposed to be a incognito, agent type after all.

And here's the two of them with their boss.

Hopefully It won't be as long a wait for the next update.

Till next time.

Cap'n Smyrk