Denizens of Euphoria

The Regis Evangeline Margeritte d'Sarck is the hereditary governor of the obscure Imperial world of Euphoria.

The Entourage so far...

Regis Evangeline Margeritte d'Sarck, Imperial Governor of Euphoria herself.

Tyghert Ankh, the Regis' personal bodyguard wearing his ancient ceremonial armour.

Father Toil, Euphoria's Chief Astropath.

Milday d'Wysper, the Regis' lady in waiting and part time sneaky assassin.

The Adeptus Arbites of Euphoria's Arbites Precinct.

The Precinct so far...

Judge Diens

Psi-Judge Anjersen.

Arbitrator Joeb.

Arbitrator Jonah.

Arbitrator Locke.

Arbitrator Pawl.

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