Friday, 30 January 2015

No Laughing Matter...

Its amazing what having four days off work will do to your painting efforts, four minis in a week, a new record for me!

Won't last of course, back to the old slog again next week but it was nice whilst it lasted.

Anyway here's the Death Jester finished off, complete with diamond pattern trousers.

All the latest styles...

You can just about make out the red glow in the skull's eye socket...

So my second attempt at the diamonds came out to my satisfaction, its not particularly neat but luckily the fact that its on cloth rather than a flat surface disguises this to some extent.

Have got a number of options for what to do next, one of the Adventurers Astropaths and the old Arbite with Power Maul and Bolt Pistol. Or there are always some more Eldar...

Til next time...

Cap'n Smyrk


  1. Could I make a suggestion?

    Your painting "seems" to be quite good, but the pictures are very ordinary. You might want to try taking the shots in more light, cleaning the lens & holding the camera steady.

    I hope this constructive criticism is helpful, coz your minis deserve the best :)

    1. Thanks for the advice, I don't really have a proper photo setup and my camera is just a cheap digi but I'll have a play around and see if I can get something better.