Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Adding introspection to injury...

No modelling progress at the mo and there may be a little while before there is any, not due to work commitments as I mentioned last time but because I managed to nacker my shoulder before I even went back to work... :(

Oh well...

So as an aside I've been thinking about the way I've gone about selecting the models used in my Euphoria warbands. When I first got into the Oldhammer zone a couple of years ago it was purely on the basis of collecting old models I liked or wished I had owned back in the day. The ideas for the Euphoria setting and collecting its various warbands came later.

I never specifically planned to restrict myself to Citadel minis as part of this, indeed although all the ones I've produced so far have been I still have plans to include some non-citadel. However there are several characters I've produced so far I originally intended to use non-citadel for but ended up finding a citadel figure to fill the role.

Most notable are Sphinx who was originally going to be an EM4 (old Grenadier) scavenger.

But upon seeing whiskeypriest's example on his blog I changed my mind and went searching ebay for Spit Gun Suzies.

Psi-Judge Anjersen (prior to being named) had various non-citadel minis considered for the role before I fell back on the old Judge Dredd line.

Most recently I had been searching to for a suitable mini for the Milady d'Wysper lady in waiting to Euphoria's Governor with a peculiar selection of (deadly) skills. Again originally I was looking through several other ranges and was leaning towards the Reaper's Pathfinder Hellknight Signifer.

But then I found a citadel figure that struck me as perfect, I'm not going to say which one just yet, I'll show her off when she's done. When she arrived in the post I did find one snag, she's tiny...
However on reflection its not so much of a problem, I've already used Anderson who is dwarfed by her Arbites comrades. Plus something about the tiny girl actually being a stealthy and exceptionally deadly killer fits the background I've dreamed up.

Anyway I suppose my main purpose here is being impressed with how extensive and versatile the old citadel ranges (fantasy and others included) are, being able to find a mini to match so many concepts (ignoring of course those with the skill and will to convert, can't bring myself to cut up any of my old lead even if I was practiced enough to actually do it successfully...).

Again a shame that this side has been lost in the the modern era of stupidly oversized models...

Til next time...

Cap'n Smyrk

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