Saturday, 17 June 2017

And now for something fantastically different...

Just finished off a couple of minis this morning, a bit different from my normal fare, being neither 40k related nor produced by Citadel.

It's not often I do fantasy figures these days and these two don't have any particular story or project that they are connected to I just painted them on a whim.

The first is by Reaper from their Pathfinder RPG tie in range, I originally bought her to use as Regis d'Sarck but she was so much taller than any of the old Rogue Trader minis that I was using that she didn't really fit so she was replaced with the Black Scorpion Governor's daughter I finally used.

She sat undercoated for quite sometime whilst I decided what to do with her.

To go with her I have a Hasslefree dwarf "Kain", who I bought at Salute last year along with the barmaid and strumpet I painted a while back. He wasn't bought for any particular reason other than I liked the mini.
I pulled him out recently and decided to paint him and it seemed to be a good opportunity to paint the Reaper mini as well.

Still working on the Rogue Trader Navigator that I started sometime back.

Till next time...

Cap'n Smyrk