Sunday, 15 February 2015

Long Arm of the Law or Right Hand of the Lawless?

So two more finished minis to show off today one for each of my most complete warbands, the Euphoria Arbites Precinct and Cap'n Smyrk's Crew.

First up for Arbites we have the Precinct's commander Judge Diens bringing the Imperium's own unique brand of justice to the streets of Euphoria.

Painted to match his comrades.

Then we have the final member of Captain Smyrk's command crew, his first mate 'Ace' Ryker. This just leaves a few more redshirts and then Smyrk's crew will be finished!

Still undecided with how the effect on his power axe came out.
You can just see the hazard stripes on his shoulder guard...

You can see both of them with their fellows on their respective warband pages.

Next on the list is probably Loritta from the Iron Claw Space Pirates range.

Due to her coming from the same range as the Star Raven mini I used for my Emissary and the fact she has a partial face mask I think she will be becoming a cultist of the Incandescent Astral Wyrm.

Til Next time...

Cap'n Smyrk

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