Captain Smyrk's Crew

The crew of (in)famous former Rogue Trader Captain Julius T. Smyrk.

The crew so far...

Captain Julius T. Smyrk
Imperial Record: WD 18/045
Cross file to: Smyrk, Julius T.
Planetary ref: Euphoria
Input ref: Inquisition Investigation Team 67/451 ES891
Input dated: 9953987.M41
   Charter Captain Julius Thaddicus Smyrk was granted License as a Rogue Trader by the Administratum in 961.M41. Between 961 and 973.M41 he is recorded as being involved in the exploration of a number of uncharted stellar systems along the northern Galactic fringe, including the discovery of two lost human populated worlds and contact with a previously unknown minor xenos species.

In 973.M41 however an inquisitional investigation (Inquisition ref: Tycho, Rastaban) discovered Smyrk‘s involvement in a number of proscribed activities including but not limited to:
- Supplying of arms for profit to anti-Imperial rebels on Hubris III.
- Acting as middleman in the sale of Imperial Citizens captured in raids by Eldar pirates
    (Ref: Starkiller Coven) to slavers from the Orkish empires of the Charon Expanse.

The Captain was stripped of his status as Rogue Trader and his personal fleet and associated forces disbanded. However Smyrk himself along with a small band of loyal followers managed to evade the righteous agents of Imperial Justice and escape with a single warp-capable vessel to a undisclosed location.

First Mate "Ace" Ryker
“Ryker? Sure I knew ‘im, the Cap’n’s right ‘and man ’e was, ‘ard as ya like. Did’na take nothin’ from nobody. Ya did’na want to be on ‘is bad side that’s for sure, ‘e ‘ad an ‘abit of spacin’ ya if ya looked at ‘im funny...”

“Always claimed to be old Navy, an Officer like, ya know, dunno if I believe that. Never knew where the Cap’n picked ‘im up.”

“Thom Astrikar? That old space pirate, he’s dead, went down over Nervala IV, won’t see his like again, Emperor be praised.”

Guild Engineer Montgomery "Squatty" McAlliber
The coupling shuddered loudly and its output started dropping off. With a heavy sigh he gave it a sharp whack with the wrench and it whirred back to life. He turned back to applying torque to the nut he had been tightening. He looked back over his shoulder at his assistant standing nervously in the corner.

"Ya know what Laddy? She may be aboot ta fall apart but at least there ain't no damned Mechanicus around n'more. Canna stand em. Everything takes twice as long when ya have to pray to tha blasted thing 'fore hittin' it..."

Helmsman Pyke
"I once flew through the Diomedes 'roid belt without a scratch in the paint, with an Ork raider on my tail." 


"And I once made a run from Angelus to Druidia Prime in under fifteen parsecs."

Silence filled the bar before finally being broken by a single questioning voice.

"You do know a parsec is a measurement of distance, not time, right?"

Chief of 'Security' Sphinx
The huntress stalked her prey silently and stealthily. She slipped through the undergrowth like a shadow. Her prey moved carelessly crashing through branch after branch, completely oblivious to her presence. The time had come, she had reached the perfect position to strike, she gripped her spear tightly and tensed ready to spring.
Her prey took one more step and she pounced, her timing perfect, her aim precise. Her spearhead plunged towards the interloper's chest but seem to stick against the air in front of him and then like magic he was gone in the blink of an eye.
Before the huntress could react she found herself wrapped in a strange sticky web. She tugged at the web attempting to break free before rapidly realising that the more she struggled the tighter the strands became. The huntress stilled and looked up as her prey appeared again and stood above her.

"Very impressive. Now you I can use..."

Doc Bones
"He's dead Jules..."

Medic of the most useless kind...

Ensign Rizzo and Crewman Rayburn
Redshirts and all round dogsbodys...

Ensign Rizzo

Crewman Rayburn

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