Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Adding introspection to injury...

No modelling progress at the mo and there may be a little while before there is any, not due to work commitments as I mentioned last time but because I managed to nacker my shoulder before I even went back to work... :(

Oh well...

So as an aside I've been thinking about the way I've gone about selecting the models used in my Euphoria warbands. When I first got into the Oldhammer zone a couple of years ago it was purely on the basis of collecting old models I liked or wished I had owned back in the day. The ideas for the Euphoria setting and collecting its various warbands came later.

I never specifically planned to restrict myself to Citadel minis as part of this, indeed although all the ones I've produced so far have been I still have plans to include some non-citadel. However there are several characters I've produced so far I originally intended to use non-citadel for but ended up finding a citadel figure to fill the role.

Most notable are Sphinx who was originally going to be an EM4 (old Grenadier) scavenger.

But upon seeing whiskeypriest's example on his blog I changed my mind and went searching ebay for Spit Gun Suzies.

Psi-Judge Anjersen (prior to being named) had various non-citadel minis considered for the role before I fell back on the old Judge Dredd line.

Most recently I had been searching to for a suitable mini for the Milady d'Wysper lady in waiting to Euphoria's Governor with a peculiar selection of (deadly) skills. Again originally I was looking through several other ranges and was leaning towards the Reaper's Pathfinder Hellknight Signifer.

But then I found a citadel figure that struck me as perfect, I'm not going to say which one just yet, I'll show her off when she's done. When she arrived in the post I did find one snag, she's tiny...
However on reflection its not so much of a problem, I've already used Anderson who is dwarfed by her Arbites comrades. Plus something about the tiny girl actually being a stealthy and exceptionally deadly killer fits the background I've dreamed up.

Anyway I suppose my main purpose here is being impressed with how extensive and versatile the old citadel ranges (fantasy and others included) are, being able to find a mini to match so many concepts (ignoring of course those with the skill and will to convert, can't bring myself to cut up any of my old lead even if I was practiced enough to actually do it successfully...).

Again a shame that this side has been lost in the the modern era of stupidly oversized models...

Til next time...

Cap'n Smyrk

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Cult following...

Latest addition to my painted pile, this time a follower for my Emissary of the Incandescent Astral Wyrm.

Got a bit of a Jokeresque smile going now that I look at it...

As mentioned last time she's Loritta/Cybergirl from the Iron Claw Space Pirates range. Struggled with painting her, though now she's finished she's growing on me.

A shot of her with the Emissary.

That will be it for this week and work may mean I don't get much done for a little while.

Til next time...

Cap'n Smyrk

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Long Arm of the Law or Right Hand of the Lawless?

So two more finished minis to show off today one for each of my most complete warbands, the Euphoria Arbites Precinct and Cap'n Smyrk's Crew.

First up for Arbites we have the Precinct's commander Judge Diens bringing the Imperium's own unique brand of justice to the streets of Euphoria.

Painted to match his comrades.

Then we have the final member of Captain Smyrk's command crew, his first mate 'Ace' Ryker. This just leaves a few more redshirts and then Smyrk's crew will be finished!

Still undecided with how the effect on his power axe came out.
You can just see the hazard stripes on his shoulder guard...

You can see both of them with their fellows on their respective warband pages.

Next on the list is probably Loritta from the Iron Claw Space Pirates range.

Due to her coming from the same range as the Star Raven mini I used for my Emissary and the fact she has a partial face mask I think she will be becoming a cultist of the Incandescent Astral Wyrm.

Til Next time...

Cap'n Smyrk

Monday, 9 February 2015

Euphoric Missive...

No new painted stuff to show you this time round although there are a couple of minis on the go at the moment which will hopefully be ready by the weekend.

Instead I thought I would give a bit of a run down of the 'warbands' I'm planning for my Euphoria project/campaign/pipe dream.

First up we have Cap'n Smyrk's crew which is the most complete one currently. Ultimately this will include Smyrk and his 'command staff' of Sphinx, Squatty, Helmsman Pyke and his first mate 'Ace' Ryker (currently being painted). To back up this 'main cast' I plan to have at least three (possibly as many as five) 'extras', additional redshirts like Rizzo.

The second warband is the next nearest completion which is the Euphoria Arbites Precinct. Ultimately this will be a five to six man patrol team (led by Judge Diens, also currently on the painting table) with Psi-Judge Anjersen acting as back up.

Next on the list is Inquisitor Rastaban Tycho and his retinue. Currently this band stands at just Tycho himself (waiting on paint, once I decide what colours to use). The plan for this one is again to have two seperate sections, one of shadowy agents and the other of Tycho and his three Space Marine 'heavies'. The agents maneouvre the target into place and then Tycho and his muscle swoop in and take all the credit....

Fourth up is the Cult of Incandescent Astral Wyrm. Again this currently consists of one figure, the Emissary and nothing else. Haven't fully worked out what this will consist of yet but plans include a mutant space pirate and his minions as well as possibly more 'standard' cultists.

Finally I hope to produce a small entourage for Euphoria's governor, Regis Evangeline Margarette d'Sarck. This will include an Astropath, a ceremonial bodyguard (in Mk1 powered armour) and a shadowy lady-in-waiting/assassin. Eventually this may include some local security forces (directly under the governor's control unlike the Arbites) but I need to work out what minis I want to use for these (don't really want to use just ordinary guardsmen, looking for something a little more 'eccentric').

The Inquisitor's retinue and Governor's entourage will both probably include my first forays into non-citadel minis.

Anyway til next time when hopefully I'll have Ryker and Judge Diens ready for show.

Cap'n Smyrk