Saturday, 7 March 2015

Uncivil Servants...

This week I've managed to finish off the first two members of Regis d'Sarck's governorial entourage, Euphoria's senior Astropath, Father Toil, and the governor's lady in waiting Milady d'Wysper.

Father Toil is just the Astropath from the Adventurers range.

Milady d'Wysper (as her name suggests) is supposed to be a sort of bodyguard/assassin as much as an actually a lady in waiting. She is from the fantasy Fighters range, a weird member named as Klotilde Ironface in the Citadel Compendium. She does seem a bit odd as a fantasy fighter, I've seen her described somewhere as a pubescent girl in a hockey mask...

She really is tiny compared to most of the figures but I think that adds to her character.

And a pic of the two together to give a bit of scale.

Don't know what I'll do next, be away for work next week so won't get anything done till next weekend.

Til' next time.

Cap'n Smyrk


  1. Hey, those are cool! I believe their beauty resides in their simplicity. I didn't know of the lady, but I really like her! Nice work!

    1. Thanks, as I mentioned in my last post when I spotted whilst trawling Stuff of Legends I knew I found the mini I was looking for. Didn't realise she was quite so small though...