Saturday, 24 January 2015

Lurking in the Shadows...

With my continuing painting mojo I have finished yet another mini. Well I actually finished it earlier this week but have only just got around to taking some pictures.

Anyway this is one of the original Eldar Scouts (not Rangers...) currently nameless but could fit into the environs of Euphoria in a number of ways.

I'm quite pleased with how the gemstone on his belt has come out, one of my best yet.

Also quite happy with how the cloak came out.

I've wanted him to match up with the other Eldar I've previously painted and as such have gone for shadowy rather than camouflage since the colours fit better with those I've used on the others.

I've gone with a dark bluey-grey 'Drowesque' skin tone which I will be using on all my Eldar (at least those with exposed skin). This is mainly to make them more alien and differentiate them more from the humans.

Probably going to be more Eldar for the next few minis, partially because they're what I have most of and because I've run out of 'character' minis for Euphoria.

I'll probably do another post tomorrow showing some of the old school models I found lying around that I've had for years as I mentioned last time but never actually got around too...

Anyway til then.

Cap'n Smyrk

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