Thursday, 29 January 2015

Here Be (Fire) Dragons...

Finished off two more classic Eldar Fire Dragons to go with the one I painted last year.

Same scheme obviously and amazingly have come out looking reasonably similar despite the gap between painting. As with the first one these were bought already based and primed.

The one on the left with the green base is the one I had already painted.

View with the outer two showing off their fronts.
Having had most of this week off work I've also been painting quite of few things. Including this WIP Harlequin Death Jester. I don't show many WIPs but I was so happy with how the bone came out on this one I've decided to show him off.

Last Tango in Warp Space...

Got to paint a few gemstones on his Shuriken cannon and I want to try getting a typical Harlequin diamond pattern on his lower legs, my first attempt didn't succeed and has been painted over.

Finally I have a new addition to Smyrk's crew. I realised that it had plenty of characters but no real grunts to act as a bit of cannon-fodder. Given Smyrk's general Star Trek references there was only one answer.


And so I present the latest recruit, Ensign Rizzo.

His gun's colour scheme is based on the retro-raygun style phaser rifle used by Kirk in the episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
His uniform matches the style of Smyrk's just with a red shirt...

I intend to get four or five of these to back up Smyrk and give Sphinx someone to boss about, possibly including a heavy weapon. All of them will follow this same scheme and like Rizzo will get their names from unfortunate redshirts from Star Treks original series courtesy of this useful little list Redshirt Deaths.

That's all for now but I might right up some more character info for the members of Smyrk's crew.

Til next time...

Cap'n Smyrk

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