Saturday, 10 January 2015

Maximum Warp Mister Pyke...

So I've managed to start 2015 off pretty well I think with two models painted 10 days in. Both of these are purchases I made over the Christmas period and which I started splashing with paint almost as soon as I got them.

Both are intended to join Smyrk's crew and as such both have hazard stripes on them somewhere.

First up we have Smyrk's pilot; Helmsman Pyke. He is the Pilot Lorgar figure from the old Adventurers range.
His colour scheme is inspired by the X-wing pilots' gear in Star Wars.

Need to get a better pic...
Although intended to be part of Smyrk's crew he could also be used as general pilot character as needed.

Next is Smyrk's "chief of security" Sphinx. She's an old Citadel Judge Dredd Perp 'Spit Gun Suzie'.
Sphinx, doing her part for ethnic diversity in the 41st Millennium.

Always good to be sure what's supposed to go in your canteen...
Can't see it too well in my pics but I'm really quite happy with how her skin turned out, wasn't sure how to go about it but found a guide on 'ethnic' skin-tones on CMON. Not that I actually followed it exactly but it gave me a good starting point.

That's it for painting but I've got some classic models that I've had for years, some I don't really remember when I got them. So for a future post I'll dig those out.

Til next time.

Cap'n Smyrk

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  1. Great job on these miniatures... I really like the Judge Dredd perp... one of the great things about the Oldhammer groove is using minis from those great but now neglected ranges to fill out the more interesting roles in the Rogue Trader universe. Your crew is shaping up really well.