Saturday, 6 December 2014

Cap'n On Deck...

And so I return after too long an absence, but I have finally regained my modelling mojo and actually have something to show for it.

This time its Captain Julius T. Smyrk himself.

After quite a long deliberation I chose the Imperial Scout to represent Smyrk. Although its maybe not as flashy as a Rogue Trader would normally be, Smyrk isn't technically a Rogue Trader anymore. I think it works well as one who no longer has access to the resources he once did and the hood shows his need to conceal his identity. Shows off his contacts with the darstedly xenos as well.

His clothes are a bit of a homage to his eponymous namesake and I tried to include some good old fashion hazard stripes. I'm fairly happy with how the hand flamer nozzle came out as well. The boots are inspired by the magnetic boots worn by the Starfleet Assassins in Star Trek VI.

He's not quite finished yet, needs a coat of varnish and I am contemplating making the scarf the same colour as the hood, their supposed to be the same thing anyway and the brown tends to get lost amongst the rest of the scheme.

Still working on the rest of his crew including his first mate "Ace" Ryker and head of security Sphinx.

Til next time

Cap'n Smyrk

Thought for the Day: Watch for the Mutant.

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