Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Voice in the Wilderness...

So its been a quite a while, sorry about that.

Various factors have contributed to my lack of progress on this little project, including unexpectedly having to get a new car, concentrating on getting some of my historical models finished, currently working away from home during the week, and I will admit a certain lack of interest...

With this in mind I don't have anything new to show painting wise unfortunately but I have a few ideas I have been mulling over for a while. I've been thinking about adding a bit more structure to the project and start building some small warbands with their own (linked) backgrounds.

This will be linked to the back story I wrote to go with my 'Emissary' a few months ago. In that I introduced a couple of other characters, Captain Julius T. Smyrk and Inquisitor Rastaban Tycho, and it is these two that I intend to start with.

Captain Smirk (and all his thinly veiled Star Trek references) has been my internet nom de plume for several years and was also attached to this blog more or less as an after thought.
I intend for Smyrk to be former Rogue Trader who took the "rogue" part of his title a little too literally and has fallen foul of the Inquisition (in the form of Tycho). He now travels with whats left of his crew always managing to stay one step ahead of the increasingly obsessed inquisitor.

Rastaban Tycho has rather different origins having started out as a background character for some unrealized Inquisitor characters (although maybe the Inquisitors Voth may turn up in younger form in Tycho's retinue...).
Admittedly Tycho's character has changed somewhat from his particularly radical bent in that tale. The new Rastaban Tycho is a little more puritanical. I see him working through a series of agents and underlings to manoeuvre his targets into incriminating themselves before swooping in like a shining paladin of the Emperor's wrath with his Space Marine bodyguards to apprehend them (and take all the credit).
He attempted this tactic on Smyrk but somehow the wily rogue managed to escape and has been doing so ever since. Tycho has become obsessed with bringing Smyrk to justice and is pursuing him across the Imperium.

Well those are the basic ideas behind the two leading figures, I'm working on their respective underlings. Now I just need to acquire some figures to use for them...

Anyway that's it for now. Hopefully I won't be so long before posting again.

Cap'n Smyrk

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