Friday, 26 December 2014

One (or three...) last thing(s)...

So I managed to bash out three last minis for the year this morning which brings my total for the year up to 16, which is more than I actually expected to manage.

The first one is Montgomery "Squatty" McAlliber Captain Smyrk's squat engineer. I imagine that having been declared a heretic by Inquisitor Tycho Smyrk lost all his Adeptus Mechanicus support but Squatty not being AdMech has hung around.

Can't really see it in my rubbish photo but I'm pretty happy with how his shades turned out.

Check it out! More hazard stripes!
Smyrk and his crew aren't going to be very uniform in their colour scheme and so I realised that I needed something to tie them all together and so as I'd already put some on Smyrk I decided to use hazard stripes.

Then there are the two Adeptus Arbites that I've painted up to accompany Psi-Judge Anjersen.

Arbitrator Joeb, front

And back.
And Arbitrator Luke, front

And back.

Finally I've added some pages as galleries for some of the factions I'm painting up, just Captain Smyrk's crew and the Arbites at the moment as they're the only ones I've got several of but will expand them.

I'll probably do a yearly round up post closer to new year but this is it for now.

Til next time.

Cap'n Smyrk

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