Sunday, 3 January 2016

Round Up 2015

Happy new year to all you Oldhammerer's out there, I hope everyone had a enjoyable festive season.

So as a follow up to my similar post in 2014 I thought I have a look back at what I have achieved in the last year.

This year I've managed to paint 25 models and greatly increased the cast of my Euphoria setting.

Captain Smryk's crew has grown considerably with six additional members including a first mate, a medic, a pilot and some cannon fodder.

First Mate "Ace" Ryker
Chief of Security Sphinx and Helmsman Pyke
Ensign Rizzo, Doc 'Bones' and Crewman Raybone

Inquisitor Tycho and his retinue have made their appearance.

Ankyra Voth, Inquisitor Tycho, and Gerhard Cornwallis
A sneaky assassin

Regis Evangeline Margeritte d'Sarck, Governor of Euphoria and her entourage has also taken to the stage.

Milady d'Wysper, Regis d'Sarck, Tighert Ankhe and Father Toil

The Euphorian Arbites Precinct has been reinforced.

Judge Diens
Arbitrator Locke

The insidious Cult of the Incandescent Astral Wyrm has continue to gain new adherents.

William Dymm, Vardys Jax, the Emissary, Sister Lorritta, Jakob Dymm

And the Eldar have also gained a few reinforcements.

Including a Scout...
...several extra Fire Dragons...
...and a Death Jester.

Additionally I have painted one extra who isn't connected with Euphoria.

Hugh Ponsonby Wilberforce...

So lets have a look back at my three targets from last year and see what I will set myself for the coming year:

1 - Paint at least 17 models. I've definitely managed this one, having painted 8 more models than my target. Onwards and upwards on this one.

2 - Base all my models. Yeah... so this one I've basically failed at, managing to base only one model...

3 - Manage at least one post a month. This one I did quite well at until June when I didn't post at all. Again during August and September I didn't post, these were mostly due to external factors.

So for 2016 I think I will continue on the same lines with my targets, as real life and other hobbies certainly eat into my time with regularity. Therefore my targets will be:

1 - Paint at least 26 models. Again I'm going to try and at least match my previous years efforts painting wise. I plan to attempt some batch painting of groups of similar models in the coming year which should help with this one.

2 - Base all my models. Going to try again on this one, need to get down to a concerted basing session.

3 - Manage at least one post a month. Based on the last year trying anything more is likely to be difficult.

Inspired by Asslessman and Axiom of Magpie and Old Lead's Rogue Quest I also have an idea for getting in some gaming next year too (at least of the solo variety). Not going into to much detail now but it involves the fact that I have a copy of the old Ultramarines game box complete with its space hulk floor plans...

Till next time.

Cap'n Smyrk

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