Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Brothers Dymm...

So after a some hurried painting (by my standards at least...) this week I've managed to crank out a couple of new minis.

These two are going to bulk out the Cult of the Incandescent Astral Wyrm which needs a little more manpower.

So I present William and Jakob, the Brothers Dymm.

It was part way through painting them that I realised they had started looking a little like Ghostbusters...

I wasn't originally intending for them to be quite so similar but eventually expediency won out and I painted them the same.

Stuck with the style I used on Lorrita with purple masks and red gloves (plus the use of green) to tie them together and to the Emissary with out being to uniform.

I imagine that the Dymm's provide the Emissary with some muscle, perhaps acting as his enforcers to suppress any dissent amongst the masses of the rest of the cult. The models I've done so far are the core of the cult, I'll hopefully add so less conspicuous lay followers at some future date.

Now they've expanded to four members I've put up a page for the Cult to join the Euphoria Arbites and Smyrk's crew.

Till next time.

Cap'n Smyrk

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  1. Cool stuff, I like how you combined the colours and the overall aspect. Nice work!