Monday, 6 April 2015

He's dead Jules...

Used the Easter weekend to finish off a couple more members for Smyrk's crew.

First up I realised that I was being a little remiss in leaving Smyrk without some medical support and so have added a medic. Obviously his main purpose is to tell Smyrk that one of his redshirted minions is in fact beyond the aid of known medicine...

Doc Bones.
Quite happy with the white first aid kit, not my best face though...

Accompanying the Doc we have another redshirt to join Ensign Rizzo, Crewman Rayburn. Same colour scheme as Rizzo.

And lastly shot of the two of them along with Rizzo.

Disappearing off for a week away for work next week so won't be getting anything else done.

Till next time...

Cap'n Smyrk


  1. Haha, those are great! :D Really nicely done, congrats!

  2. HEY!!!!
    Just found your blog AND just noticed I made your feeds on the right! I humbly thank you for that.

    Great stuff, I love how your Smirk crew follows the old school trek color scheme. Well executed, and I can't wait to see some bat reps!

  3. Thanks Major, your blog has been very inspiring and I've enjoyed following the trials and triumphs of Sector Six. I'm afraid battle reports might be some time in coming I'll have to build some terrain first!