Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Small and Short of it...

So not much activity from me for, well too long really. Most of my hobby time has been spent on historical modelling projects of late.

However I have done some more on the last two minis.

The ork is mostly just some extra highlights on the skin and gun.

The Fire Dragon has a free hand Eldar rune added to the front of the helmet because it looked a bit bare, now that I've looked it up its not completely accurate but I'm fairly happy with it anyway.

And finally, in relation to the post title I have my first Fantasy mini for this project. I present Hewi Drakkenbak in all his dubious glory.

He is the Dwarf from the Warhammer Quest game and like my Eschers is mostly a retouch of an ancient shoddy paint job. If and when I do other fantasy stuff expect to see a preponderance of dwarves as I am a life long dwarf fan in almost all fantasy settings (must be something to do with being short...).

Until next time (which will hopefully not be quite so far in the future...).

Cap'n Smyrk

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