Wednesday, 12 March 2014

First Recruit

So as promised we have something physical!

Although its not actually a Rogue Trader mini...

Nor is it completely new, being a sprucing up of the fairly basic paint job I did on an Escher ganger back in my misspent youth.

Anyway here she is. Sorry the pics aren't great, my camera's not the best.

I was never the best figure painter and most of my more recent hobbying has been with real-world military model kits but I'm pretty satisfied with the result. Its certainly an improvement on any of my earlier efforts.

Obviously still need to finish up her base once I decide how I want to that, then maybe do a similar update to some of her sisters.

Til next time,

Good Hunting,

Cap'n Smyrk

For a warrior the only crime is cowardice.

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