Sunday, 13 August 2017

I see a bizare alternative dimension (with my third eye)...

Been having a slow period Oldhammer wise but have finally finished a model I started working on at the same time as my Redshirts in the previous post.

That was the navigator from the Adventurers range. He will also be joining Cap'n Smyrk's crew, if the eponymous captain is going to go gallivanting across the Imperium just barely avoiding the authorities he's going to need some "safe" way of navigating the warp...

The back story is that he is a renegade from his house who has signed on with Smyrk and his vagabonds in order to make some cash and receive protection from his relatives.

So I present Jean-Louis Petard l'Trois (still going with laboured the Star Trek refs here...).

Took me a while to decide on a scheme for his fancy clothes, and finally settled on mix of Picard's uniform (he is bald...) and Trois' more variable costumes.

I needed to incorporate the hazard stripes that are the common marker for Smyrk's crew but didn't really want to have them directly present given his more flamboyant style so I tried to use his flouncy sleeves.

Don't know what I'll do next but till then...

Cap'n Smyrk

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  1. Nice solution with the stripes. I love the model, cool work on it.