Monday, 10 October 2016

Collecting Conumdrums...

So recently I've been contemplating the collecting side of the Oldhammer hobby and its numerous facets, especially as it is the primary direction of my own hobby.

However despite that I've never really attempted to collect the entirety of a particular range as many people attempt. I have mostly worked on finding particular figures that I have always wanted or really liked the look of.

Admittedly I have by chance managed to acquire most of the original Eldar range with just two or three that I am currently missing.

This line of thinking was mostly inspired by a recent purchase which has moved me closer to completing another range. Here is the offending individual WIP.

He means that I have only two figures remaining to complete the first two Adeptus Arbites ranges (even if I had the fiscal means to afford them I'm not overly bothered with the Necromunda Enforcers).

The above acquisition means that I have only two remaining, the bolter armed Arbite from the RT range and the Arbite Champion from the 2nd Edition range.

Of course the chances of finding the Arbite Champion at an price I can stomach are limited but a man can still dream...

Anyway the new recruit should hopefully end up like his buddies sometime soon.

Also on the painting table at the moment are some fantasy minis that will form the start of a "Champions of Law" warband somewhat inspired by the amazing work of Asslessman at Leadplague.

My current plan is to have a series of "champions" each with their own "apprentice/sidekick" who will reference their master in appearance and colour. Have three champions currently and plans for one or two more (my painting speed means they will never match the small army JB has reached).

Till next time.

Cap'n Smyrk


  1. I am the same in my collecting habits.
    "Collecting", as getting a complete set, or finding a very rare item, has never interested me.
    I have over 200 metal Cadians because I like them. Not because I have any hope of their increasing value.

  2. Oh I definitely no have interest in their value. Admittedly since making this post I have bought two more of the original Eldar meaning I only need Alesia Wildfire to complete the set...