Saturday, 12 March 2016

More Heroic Types...

Hello all

Haven't been doing much on the Oldhammer front of late but I have come up with my selections of what to use as the Heroes for my Rogue Questesque game.

These are selected from minis that I currently have painted but show my basic thinking even if I decided to use a different mini later.

I decided to follow the basic Advanced Heroquest pattern.

As such we have the Warrior:

The Wizard:

The Dwarf:

And the Elf:

Next on my painting table is probably going to be this Eldar scout to use in place of the one I've already painted as he looks more adventury (is that a word?).

I would also like to have something a little more impressive for the wizard but I don't currently own anything suitable other than this guy (but I'm saving him to act as a possible bad guy):

Alternative to the Warrior would be a Barbarian although again this model is along with the rest of the Astral Wyrm Cult earmarked to provide targets enemies.

Anyway that's the state of my current thinking hopefully I will have something move leaden to show you next time.

Till then.

Cap'n Smyrk

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