Saturday, 17 October 2015

Still here...

Its been a bit quiet on the Oldhammer front of late due to other projects and a lack of motivation to be honest.

Which does mean I've failed at one of my new year targets already but oh well.

Anyway to show that I'm at least trying to get back into it here's some WIP shots of my latest effort.

Just basic colours at the moment but I'm attempting to get a shadowy look (as befits an assassin) without going black.

Not sure where he'll fit into my Euphoria setting exactly but he might end up as an addition to Inquisitor Tycho's retinue.

On an unrelated note but to show what else I've been up to of late a couple of weeks ago I was involved in the excavation and recovery of the remains of a Spitfire that crashed near Holme, Cambridgeshire in November 1940.

Me shamelessly posing with the propeller and remains of the engine.

Rolls Royce name on the side of the engine.
It was certainly one of the most interesting digs I've worked on in a long time despite the media circus. But also with many poignant moments as well such as the discovery of the pilot's initialled cigarette case.

H.E.P - Harold E Penketh
Until next time.

Cap'n Smyrk.


  1. Glad to have you back. And if I had the chance to dig for something as valuable, nobody would hear from me either.

    That is really amazing.

    Painting on the assassin is pretty good too. :)