Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lord of Time

So no painting progress this week, mostly due to having to do a lot of extra traveling for work but I have managed to to get my hands on a figure I've been seeking for some time, in fact it was seeing (and just missing out on the chance to buy) this that really started me on my Rogue Trader kick.

Its one of the Iron Claw Space Pirates range called Star Raven (although interestingly marked Time Lord on the tab...)

I've even decided on a scheme for this little beauty (although when I'll get round to actually painting him is another matter) very much inspired by the mini itself. Its even got me thinking of scenario ideas revolving around him (if only I had enough space to actually play...), some sort of rogue psyker or insane prophet perhaps...

He was a bit pricey but my Ebay bid-fu is weak especially on such rare figs. Still I'm well chuffed to finally get my grubby little hands (literally, I'm an archaeologist) on him.

Better go before my excitement gets out of hand.

Til next time.

Cap'n Smyrk

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