Saturday, 28 January 2023

It's not my fault...

 Hello once again fellow Oldhammerers...

I've managed to crank out a couple of more figures recently, both for my "Astral Conflict" inspired project (which you may notice now has its own page on the blog).

First up we have the second to last member of the crew of the Perennial Sparrow (I have the last one currently in the works, although I do have an idea for one more if I ever got my hands on the appropriate miniature...).

Anyone recognise this guy?

This is Glamdo Cartesian, an old associate of Hanz Ollow. Unusually for me I have actually modified this model, in the form of a mustache. Its a bit bushy compared to the inspiration but at this scale needed to be a bit more obvious. The colouration of his slashed sleeves was base on the lining of the original's cape (I did consider adding that as well but don't think my greenstuffing skills are quite ready for that yet).

I saw it mentioned somewhere that one of the old Adventurers range Techpriests bears a resemblance to the inspiration's cyborg assistant. And quite unintentionally I actually had previously painted the Techpriest in a pretty good matching scheme.

As an slightly related aside Billy D. Williams is one of the only two members of the Star Wars cast (the other being Warwick Davis) I've met. This was at a Sci-fi convention in London many years ago, where I amused him (and annoyed his handlers) by paying the fee with a huge load of small change. I probably still have the autograph somewhere...

The second model is a third poorly camouflaged goon for Inquisitor Thrad. This model was the mostly heavily armoured I could find to match up with the first two I've painted.

Otherwise he's basically painted in the same way as the first two.

This next shot is me trying out some different photography, although it didn't work out as well as I would have liked I'm going to show it anyway.

Finally I finished the last piece of the 3d printed scatter terrain I showed a few posts ago.

I decided to suggest some form of dangerous contents by going with the hazard strips. Those are pretty rough as I free handed them but looks ok from a distance.


Till next time...

Cap'n Smyrk

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  1. Haha, this is epic! No need of the cape, mate, the guy is totally recognisable. You totally made my day, cool job :)